Call Accounting and Telephone Expense Management

Reseller Focused Telephone Management and Call Accounting Pricing here

Why Choose our Reseller Program?

Fixed Price

One Fixed Price!

Simple fixed price monthly subscription.

unlimited installations

Unlimited customer installations and ongoing service all included in subscription

No Annual Site License Fees

No annual site licenses for sites installed within package bundle

Free Training and Support

The option of free support to your clients via our Service Desk. Log call, we will resolve.

Unlimited Free Training directly to the reseller


Free Software Buffer is is available. Install on existing PC, onto Asterisk server, or SFTP direct from PBX

Hardware Buffer

No PC on site?

Optional Ultra Low Cost Hardware Buffers available for added reliability


Join our program today and receive your first 3 months subscription free! Install as many sites as you like free during this time.


How does it Work?

To get started, there 5 simple steps

Step 1: Contact us

Step 2: We will send you more information, along with pricing options.

Step 3: Choose a reseller package

Step 4: We will activate your account. You start installing. We will only invoice you after 3 months. If you do not wish to continue after 3 months, simply do not pay the invoice

Step 5: We will contact you to arrange a full spectrum training session for your engineers and technicians to install and support the solution