Call Accounting and Telephone Expense Management

Budgets And 100s of Beautifully Presented Standard Reports


Budgets are configurable by role, and updated daily to give near real time information to every Extensions User and Department Manager. Provides month to date spend against budget to enable pro-active management of costs, encouraging responsible behaviour and accountability. And, hundreds of other standard reports, can be scheduled weekly or monthly in a variety of formats.



Every single extension owner can be a User. Alternatively you can restrict access to managers or individuals.


Report Builder


Administrators can build any report from this panel. Choose a summary or a detailed report, select columns. Everything you expect from a report builder.



Someone must do something!. Based on configurable parameters, patterns in the data or specific events, we create tasks and assign them.  Identify fraud, over budget conditions, faulty equipment. This is a full work-flow engine, Tasks can be commented on and reassigned. 

Some Standard Features (not a complete list)

  • More than 150 different reports

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Reports, scheduled and on-demand

  • Reports stored on line and downloadable to your desktop

  • Report on Destinations and business and private numbers

  • Allocate Costs to Business Entities, Departments, Cost Centers, 8 levels available.

  • Roles based reporting, management roles for each level of business entities

  • Schedule and deliver reports directly to every Phone User if required

  • Report builder – Create your own unique reports

  • Dashboard automatically constructed to Users Role and Responsibilities

  • Tasks and Alerts, when events / phone calls exceed custom parameters

Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Charts, various reports available in both PDF and EXCEL format...

  • Business Intelligence
  • Sample Report Charts
  • Sample Report Content
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Dashboards and Graphs

A full tool kit is available.


Sample Report Charts
Sample Report Content