Call Accounting and Telephone Expense Management

What do we do?

We provide Call Accounting and Telephone Expense Management Solutions.

We analyse and report upon voice traffic within a company environment. We collect phone call event data (the time of the call, dialed

number, cost and duration) generated by voice switches worldwide. We use this data to create useful reports to meet our clients goals.

Why do you need our Call Accounting service?

Security call accounting

Corporate Governance

In most countries, law enforcement requires that call

records be kept for 6 months to 5 years

telephone management

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Save on private call costs and ensure your staff are not

burning working time.  

Complex networks tem

Plan, implement and maintain complex phone networks   
            • Ensure your PBX is routing calls over the planned routes. 
            • Right Size your equipment and services
            • Compare the costs of competing Telco suppliers

Allocate cost tem

Allocate Costs

Share the cost of infrastructure and phone calls fairly to Business Entities, extensions, departments and other groupings

Activity telephone management

Activity Targets

Ensure sales people and call centers fully utilize the

phones to achieve targets.

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How Do We Serve You?

We offer our call accounting and telephone expense management services through our network of skilled local Value Added Resellers, they’ll configure the service and help you realise its full potential at minimum cost.  

What Does our Call Accounting and Telephone Expense Management Solution Cost?

It depends on how you prefer to interact with your Value Added Reseller.

  • If you’re an avid Do-It-Yourselfer or if you prefer outsourced services,
  • If you’re a multi-national or 
  • A small business with 5 telephones.

Your local Value Added Reseller will take the time to understand your goals, design a package to your specifications and ensure your Return on Investment is extraordinary.